Northern Panorama

Bortle class 1 sky

Experience the dark arctic night sky west of city Jokkmokk

West of small city Jokkmokk in Swedish Lapland, there is a vast area, probably the size of the whole country Belgium, with minimal light pollution.

In the area lies the UNESCO world heritage Laponia, which consists of the National Parks Sarek, Stora Sjöfallet, Badjelánnda, Muddus, as well as some nature reserves. Adjacent to the Laponia, there are also the Nature Reserves Ultevis and Pärlälven Mountain Forests reserves.

Dark Site Jokkmokk - Map from Lightpollutionmap.info

Altogether, this is probably one of Europe’s best dark sites with large areas with Bortle 1 skies. It’s also quite easily accessible by car. The area lies north of the Arctic Circle, which means that there is midnight sun during parts of June and July and polar night from mid-December to mid-January. Due to the location, the climate could be demanding, and during winter, the temperature could drop below -40°C.

The dark season begins in September and lasts until the end of March. During this time, there are also ample chances to experience the mythical Northern Light. The best time for Milky Way starscapes is early in the season during September and October, when more of the central part of the galaxy in Sagittarius are visible.

During the clearest and darkest nights, it’s possible to see M31 and, if you have good night vision, even M33 with your naked eyes.

There are few better places on earth to experience the mythical Northern Ligth, Aurora Borealis