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About me

I’m David Björkén. I was born and raised in Swedish Lapland, but has lived in different parts of Sweden before moving back to the north a couple of years ago.

I have been working with photography, creative arts, and marketing for a long time. I have also been interested in astronomy and astrophysics since I was a child. I did an internship both at The Swedish Institute for Space Physics and Esrange, The European Space and Sounding Rocket Range during upper secondary school.

I should have become a physicist, but fate wanted something different. I studied behavioral science, philosophy of science, social anthropology, and molecular biology. Then I worked a couple of years at a laboratory before I switched and studied communication and graphic design, ended up in the wine business, became a sommelier, and worked hard with market communication in Stockholm for a couple of years.

But then, the pieces fell into place. I returned to the north: To the vast landscapes, to the land of the midnight sun and the polar winter. I have always had a keen interest in outdoor activities such as skiing, cycling, and flyfishing. And photographing just for fun. Since I moved to Jokkmokk, I can combine all these interests into a fascination for the night sky. It’s somehow a synthesis of all parts.

I’m also passionate about telling stories and imparting knowledge, and this is somehow probably my most important driving force.